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Doosan Vina is the first heavy industrial complex of its type in Vietnam and represents a 300 million USD investment on a110 hectare site in the Dung Quat Economic Zone in Quang Ngai.  After breaking ground in February 2007 there was 27 months of intense construction, staffing and equipping that led to the company’s grand opening on May 15th 2009.  

Doosan Vina is one of Doosan’s 35 branches worldwide that is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.

Doosan first entered Vietnam in 1995 with a joint venture in Hai Phong.  Mr. YS Park, then Company Chairman, was so impressed with the initial resultsafter a visit to Vietnam in October of 2004 that he decided to locate the company’s newest branch in Vietnam.  After an extensive global site survey Quang Ngai Province’s Dung Quat Economic Zone on Vietnam’s central coast was chosen to be the “Forward Strategic Production Base”for the company’s second century of development.  Not only did the site offer attractive economic benefits it also features easily access to one of the world’s busiest sea lanes.

The five Businesses Units or BU’s at Doosan Vina design and produce the mega infrastructure projects that make life better for millions in Vietnam and all over the globe.  The BU’s are: Boiler, Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), Material Handling System (MHS), Water and Chemical Processing Equipment (CPE). 

Since Doosan Vina’s grand opening in May of 2009 the company has had made major contributions to Vietnam’s economy, social welfare programs it’s and reputation as an industrial powerhouse. 

Economically Doosan Vina has exported products valued at over $185 million and provided stable jobs and income for more than 2,200 people in central Vietnam. The company’s economic impact is estimated to add $65 millionto the economyannually. 

From a social perspective the company has donated approximately $1.5 million to the people of Quang Ngai and has twice been recognized for its Corporate Social Responsibility activities. 

Doosan Vina Charity Uninon support to build houses for little Pham Cong Đai at Binh Son and Mrs. Pham Thi De, a Hre ethnic minority in Ba To town.

In the few short years since commencing operations Doosan Vina was recently able to announce that the Vietnamese operations had already reached a production level equal to that of the parent company in South Korea.  

The complex includes five factories, a dedicated and purpose built port and support facilities that are equipped with the most technologically advanced machinery on earth and staffed by 2,200 of Vietnam’s best engineers and technicians.  

Boiler: A boiler is considered the heart of the thermal power plants and the Doosan VinaBoiler BU has manufactured boilers with total generating capacity of 5,860 MW.  These boilers arecurrently producingelectricity and fueling the development of Brazil, Egypt and India and for perspective if the total 5,860 MW had been installed in Vietnam, which is equal to nearly one third of the country’s total generating capacity, it would be capable of supplying electricity to nearly 11 million additional households in the country. Today, Doosan Vina’s Boiler BU is working onthe 1,200 MW Mong Duong II in Vietnam’s Quang Ninh Province and will produce 8.1 billion kWh per year.

HRSG: By capturingwasted thermal energy and turning it into electricity, the earth friendly Heat Recovery Steam Generator’s or HRSG’s made by Doosan Vina are saving money and adding 30% efficiency to power plants.  One example is the HRSG unit now hard at work producing 750 MW at the Nhon Trach II power plant near HCMC. HRSG’s skilled workers have manufactured and shipped sevenprojects to since opening and HRSG equipment has been delivered to customers in Romania, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, France, Indiaand Vietnam.

MHS:  If you are having trouble loading or unloading cargo containersweighing 40 to 50 tons, go ahead and call Doosan Vina’s MHS to solve your problems.  MHS manufactures and assembles the giant cranes that are at the center ofthe world logistics.  Doosan Vina’s mega Cranes are busy loading and unloading some of the 30,000 cargo ships that move the world’s goods in India, Indonesia and Singapore and two of the “Made in Vietnam” cranesare working hard at Cat Laiportin Vietnam, helping increase trade between Vietnam and countries around the world.

Water:  A sea water desalination evaporator is a size of a football field, weighs 4,000 tons and produces approximately 100 million liters of fresh water per day.  Doosan Vina evaporators are satisfying the thirst of millions in the Middle East and soon Ly Son islanders of Quang Ngai will be enjoying their first ever local water source when the installation of the near $1 million generators and desalination plants are completed. Currently, all Water’s employees are busy fabricating three units in the order of eight units in the world’slargest ever desalination project that Doosan signed with Saudi Arabia. Once completed, it will produce nearly 800 million liters of water every day and bring life to the arid lands and the thirsty people of Saudi Arabia.

CPE: The highly engineered products fabricated byCPE arewhat is needed to turn the earth’s natural resources into everyday products like petrol or shampoo and since opening CPE has built and shipped a total of 183 of equipment with a total weight nearly 8,000 tons.  The products including pressure vessels, distillations, heat exchangers, burners and more which were shipped to Italy, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Turkmenistan and the Dung Quat Refinery here in Vietnam.

                                                   Mr. Hang Ha Ryu (right), Doosan Vina General Director received first place “CSR Award”  from Mr. Đang Huy Đong, Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Planning & Investment at the ceremony held in Hanoi on October 26th.

"Our efforts arenot only to see that the company is profitable, but alsoto prove that Vietnam is capable and our people are talented so that we canattract more investorsforfurther development in Quang Ngai and all across Vietnam,  devoting ourselves to our homeland," said Mr. Bui Cong Dungof the Technical Education Department.

A company spokesperson said, “These are but some of the remarkable achievements in our short three year history and, it’s only the beginning, there is so much more in the plans and by the time we celebrate our fifth and tenth anniversaries you will be truly amazed at all that has been accomplished, we have a slogan at Doosan and it really is an invitation that I’d like to extend to all your viewers and readers; come be a part of the dream!

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