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Khanh Hoa

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Potential advantage for isnvestment:

 Khanh Hoa is the province in Central Vietnam economic zone, with total natural land area of 5,205 km2, large territorial waters with more than 200 big and small islands. Khanh Hoa has the 3 parts for the  of key economic zone development:

- Located in the South, Cam Ranh bay plays an important role in terms of security and economic development. Cam Ranh airport, which is at the center of Cam Ranh peninsula, is one of the few airports having large and long runway in Vietnam today and will be promoted to become an international airport in the future. Simultaneously, after being upgraded and extended, Ba Coi port will become one of significant ports in the seaport system in Southern Central. It also creates good conditions for promoting goods exchanges between Khanh Hoa and other local, international regions.                 

- Located in the east pole of Vietnam, Van Phong bay is 14km of international water territories, and closes to the crossing of international navigation routes. Van Phong is a huge bay of more than 41.000 ha of water surface at the depth of 20-30meters, is relatively airtight. With these potentials and advantages, the government has planed and established the bay to become an international containers entrepôt and multi sectors, and general economic zone included trade-industry-tourism…Being safe, airtight, Van Phong international port is convenient for transport by road, highway, railway, airway. It is able to compete with other international entrepôt of Singapore, HongKong, Kaohsiung etc…

- Nha Trang bay is in the center of economic zone sector, recognized in the list of the world most beautiful bays. With advantages of position, climate, landscape, its human and cultural foundation, Nha Trang has potentials for developing many types of tourism activities.

Khanh Hoa possesses a favorable location, preferential natural conditions, , developing service, an advantageous transportation system, abundant human resource and rich natural, export processing increasingly instead of import processing, banking, post telecommunication, financing…

Key sectors calling for investment:

·         Tourism

·         Construction of seaport and trading of marine services

·         Shipbuilding and repairing

·         Exploitation and processing of minerals

·         Development of fiber, textiles and garment industry

·         Mechanical industry

·         Electronics industry

·         Information Technology

·         Chemical and plastic industry

·         Production of high – quality construction meterials, terracotta and porcelain products, glass.

·         Processing of paper and canned fruit

Economic Zone: Van Phong (150,000 ha) -

Industrial Parks:

·         Suoi Dau IZ (300 ha)

·         Ninh Thuy IZ (206 ha)

·         Southern Cam Ranh IZ (200 ha)

·         Northern Cam Ranh IZ (150 ha)

.         Van Ninh: under master planning

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