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Gia Lai

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Potential advantage for isnvestment:


Potential & advantages for investment:

Gia Lai is a highland province that is rich in mineral resource granted by nature beneficial to develop diversified economic sector. As its own orientation, Gia Lai attaches special importance to the 4 objectives attracting investment: processing of agriculture products, mineral, hydroelectricity.

- The biggest advantages of Gia Lai are the two basalt highlands: Pleiku and Ha Nung- occupy 1/3 of the total land area. One more advantage is about 500,000ha of agriculture product. There also formed big specialized areas of high-economic value agricultural produces such as rubber, sugarcane, There also formed big specialized areas of high-economic value agricultural produces such as rubber, sugarcane, coffee, tea tree, etc

- Due to a great number of river and steam, Gia Lai owns many hydropower plants. This is also another advantage of the province. The SeSan and Ba river system flows the Central part and Mekong basin with the capacity up to 10,5-11 billions Kwh.

Mountains system in succession with diverse ecological system, the  neglected system of waterfall, natural and artificial lakes, traditional features with Highland culture, all of them indicate Gia Lai as an ideal destination for tourists to travel and discover these imposing scenery, original cultural feature. Potentials in tourism sector in this land attract investors’ concern.

Key sectors calling for investment:


·         Production of export goods

·         Production of cattle – feed from local materials

·         Processing of agro – forestry products attached to construction of large scale material areas

·         Hydroelectricity

·         Industries supporting development of agriculture and rural areas

·         Projects applying information technology and biotechnology

·         Development of socio – economic infrastructure


·         Breeding of dairy cattle, beef cattle, and pigs for export.


·         Consultancy of legal procedures, technology tranfer, provision of market information, promotion of local trade.

·         Eco – tourism, cultural tourism.

Economic Zone:  Border Gate LeThanh (140 ha)

Industrial Parks:

·         TraĐa (109.3 ha)                                                                                                                                                                    

·         West Pleiku (615.5 ha): under master plan

·         Dien Phu(40 ha)

·         Chư Sê (51,5 ha)                                                                                                                                                                    

·         An Khe(200-300 ha)

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